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Quite Frankly

CA,CS,CMA are Professional Exams 


If you expect 60,you would only get 50

Study for atleast 70,then only you will get 60 





1.Read Institute Study Material

Exam Checkers only rely on Institute Study Mat while checking answers and not what is in Private help books


2 .Look for topics which are missed  by help books but are present in Study Material

Nowadays Institute deliberately ask such questions


3,Focus on Recent Amendments/ Case Laws and Practice your RTP

(Ofcourse 10-30 Marks will be from latest changes/amendmens)


4,Last year exam questions are not that relevant especially for tax exams

However,you should see only last 4 attempt papers just to check the trend and format of questions

(Old questions not much relevant)


5.Do not consider one topic more important than others, All topics are equally important

(But of course it is not possible that they wont ask questions from the 5 heads of Income)


6.Revise your notes atleast 3 times

.GIve yourself a target of revising whole syllabus in One Day in 3 rd revision


7.In Exam, Write Section No and Case Law name only if you are 100% sure.

(Content is more important than the Section No)


All the best

Happy Learning

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