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Chapter 3 Class 9 Coordinate Geometry

Learn Chapter 3 Class 9 Coordinate Geometry with solutions of all NCERT exercise questions and examples. All answers are explained with video of each and every question in a step-by-step manner.


Suppose, on our table, we mark a point. Now, how do we tell where we have marked the point? If your friend wants to mark the point at the exact same position as your point, what will you tell him?

First, you need the distance from the bottom to your point. But, is that enough? No. 

You would also need one more distance, from the left to your point.

So, now you have two distances - from the bottom to the point, and from the left to the point.

Using both these distances, we can find position of the point.


Same thing we do in Coordinate geometry.  A point is referred by x-coordinate, and y-coordinate. 

Let's see what we will learn in this chapter. In this chapter, we will learn

  • What is coordinate axes, origin, positive x-axis, negative x-axis, positive y-axis, negative y-axis
  • What is x-coordinate (absicssa) and y-coordinate (ordinate) of a point
  • What are quadrants and coordinates of point in different quadrants
  • Then, we will learn how to plot points on the graph if coordinates are given


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