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Chapter 10 Class 8 Visualising Solid Shapes

Learn Chapter 10 Class 8 Visualizing Solid Shapes free at Teachoo. All NCERT Exercise Questions and Examples have been solved in easy to understand way. Concepts of the chapter is also explained in the Concept wise section.


In previous classes we studied about 2D and 3D shapes. Two Dimensional Shapes have length and breadth. Whereas, Three Dimensional Shapes have Length, Breadth and Height.

We studied 3D shapes like Cube, Cuboid, Cone, Cylinder, Prism, Sphere, Hemisphere

But, in reality

3D Shapes are a combination of shapes. Like: Ice cream Cone has Cone at bottom, and hemisphere on top. 


In this chapter, we will study

  • Top View, Front View, Side View of 3 Dimensional Objects
  • Then, we will learn how to draw and label a map.
  • And what scale in a map is
  • Then, we learn what a Polyhedron is
  • And what is a convex, not-convex and a regular polyhedron
  • The difference between Prism and Pyramid
  • Then, we will study how to find Faces (F), Edges (E) and Vertices (V) of different polyhedrons
  • And learn about Euler's Formula - F + V - E = 2


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