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Chapter 15 Class 7 Visualising Solid Shapes

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In the previous classes, we have studied plane figures. Plane Figures are those figures which can be drawn in the paper - like rectangle, circle, triangle square. 

In this chapter, we will study

  • What are solid shapes - Solid shapes are Three Dimensional Shapes like Cube, Cuboid, Cylinder, Sphere, Pyramid, Cone
  • Solid Shapes are 3 Dimensional Shapes (3D Shapes), whereas Plane figures are 2 Dimensional Shapes (2D Shapes)
  • Faces (F), Edges (E) and Vertices (V) of a Solid Shape 
  • Nets for 3 Dimensional Shapes
  • Drawing Solid Shapes in on a flat surface
    • Oblique Sketch
    • Isometric Sketch
  • Slicing a 3D shape to visualise it
  • Visualising a Solid Shape by its shadow
  • Front view, Top View, Side View of a 3D object.


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