Meet Elon Musk
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He is going to Mars, wanna join him?

Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX, a company that will taking humans to Mars by 2024.

But, Why does he want to go?

Because its fun, and
Earth could end - due to Global warming, or an earthquake , a super volcano, an asteriod, or if all the nuclear bombs explode  We need to be ready for an alternate place to stay or go extinct. So, Elon is planning to make Mars livable for Human beings.
It is a "life insurance for the species."[1]

But, Why Mars?

  1. Moon has water, but it has no atmosphere. It becomes very hot during the day and very cool during the night, not ideal for living. Same with Mercury.
  2. Venus has high temperatures. Average temperature of Venus is 462 degree Celsius (864 Degree Fahrenheit). Thats too hot for humans living there.
  3.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are just huge balls of gas, unlivable.
  4. Pluto is too far away, and very very cold. (-240 degrees Celsius or -400 degrees Fahrenheit)
  5. So, only option is Mars. It has similar temperature of Earth & it has tons of water (frozen).

How will we go?

You will go in this 
Inter Planetary Transport system for going to Mars SpaceX.png
This will be the largest rocket ever, 
You can see the simulation here
Here is Elon explaining how we will go to Mars .

Tour per person?

Cost of the one-way ticket would be around $100,000 to $200,000 (Rs 66 lakhs to Rs 1.2 Crores)

How many people can go?

In the first flight, 100 people can go. Eventually, Elon plans to bring 10,00,000 people to Mars.

It is a one-way ticket. You may die.

You may die if
  • Rocket does not launch properly from Earth
  • Rocket doesn't leave Earth
  • Somewhere in space.
  • While Landing in Mars
  • While living in Mars.

Would you buy the ticket?


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